Write your best Horror in 2 Sentences and Win

On The Porch

The attack came out of nowhere. Fear strangled my scream as claws raked over my skin.

Now your turn!

My inspiration came from a great meeting with my fellow SWAG (Sachse-Wylie Authors Group) members last week. So, in my last post I linked to the original Two Sentence Horror Story thread hoping to inspire my readers.

Ruth Glover ran with it, click and read her Halloween 2 Sentence Stories.

I’ve decided to go a step further.

Write and win!

The Challenge!


Submit, in comments, your best original Horror story in 2 sentences with a link back to your website.


Vote on your favorite!


A $10 Amazon gift card.


  • Submit an Original  2 sentence horror story
  • Link to your website (that’s how I’ll contact winner) and
  • Vote on someone else’s story by comment.


One writer with the best ORIGINAL  2 Sentence Horror Story will be selected by the votes received.

Myself excluded. Get writing – and submit.

Challenge ends.

5pm Central Time October 30th, when the spooks come out!

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