Do you remember that first?

As the flames leapt skyward, I closed my eyes, took another sip and relaxed in your warm embrace. A full moon with a star filled sky ordered special for tonight matches the stars in your eyes. Sweet kisses that taste of strawberries, wine and sex. Firsts are wonderful. The first kiss, first touch, first embrace, first love.

I stood, wrapped the blanket around my breast and stared into the dying fire. Would the second time be wonderful? As the ashes reached toward the dawn, and the wind chilled my skin, I walked away, as the sweet taste of first lingered on my lips.

Pixabay Images

As luck would have it, I killed two birds with one stone. LOL

This is my contribution to two blogs:

The Prompt, over at Mom Turned Mom Prompt – Week 89 “Fire”


Julia’s Place 100WCGU – Week #173 The prompt was… as the flames leapt skyward…

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