Do you know what a Muse look like?

Is your muse still wearing a toga?

Polymnia was the protector of the divine hymns and mimic art; holding lyre on Jean's

The Muse Clio discovered history and guitar depicted holding a book, on Jean's

I recently read an article about the 9 muses of Greek mythology and wondered what they might look like in today’s world. After all, we’ve evolved so why shouldn’t they?

Maybe your muse is ready for a modern makeover.

Nothing too wild, just a bit of updating.

Woman's face covered in many colors on Jean's

Close your eyes. Now imagine what your muse looks like. Does she have wings and the voice of an angel? Or does she tease you so often you’ve imagined her with horns? Maybe instead of Clio holding a book, she’s relaxing amidst the pages of a good book?

How about Erota, maybe she’s a warrior fighting for a hero in that romance novel you’re writing?Modern day Muse Erato hunting with bow and arrow on Jean's Writing.comWriting comedy? Then maybe Thalia is the right muse for you. Melpomene was the protector of tragedy, so if you’re writing a tear-jerker, you might want to pick her.

Go ahead click, and read the article below to pick a muse, there are 9 to choose from, and then give her a modern-day makeover. Who knows maybe it will inspire you both.

The Nine Muses of the Greek Mythology

Did you pick out a muse to inspire your current work?

Which muse one spoke to you?

Don’t you think she could use a makeover?




8 thoughts on “Do you know what a Muse look like?

  1. Most of us, well me for sure, know so little about the Greeks and mythology and names come down to us as motor cars or washing powder etc. My choice is Thalia – a nice sound to it if you’re thinking of baby names, but the next one due in our family is going to be a boy…
    ‘Muse Thalia was the protector of comedy; she discovered comedy, geometry, architectural science and agriculture…’
    Where would we be without humour, even the darkest writers can put in humour. We all need agriculture and I wish I had been an architect – in my fantasy alternate world I would create buildings that suited people, but which also enhanced their surroundings. I should have asked Thalia for help a long time ago. Today she would be dressed in bright colours and flowing fabrics with an outrageous hair style, even when going for a job interview.

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    1. Some websites suggest the male version is Thalis or Thales, not sure I’d want to stick that on a young man today. LOL
      I think you’re right about all writers needing to add a little comedy to their books. Maybe I should see if Thalia will stop by my house today. 🙂

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