What was that? I heard something.

Was it a car backfiring or a gunshot?

In the dead of night, you might not be sure. No one heard the noise but you. So you try and describe what you heard. Ever happen to you?

Describing sound is sort of like grasping at smoke. One drifts through your fingers and the other fades from your mind until they are gone.

As a writer, I find describing a sound is harder than describing an object. A picture or an object or a location is easier because I can see it. Well, what’s a writer do?

How about a new tool that lets you hear the sound you are trying to describe?

Y’all know me. I love tech gadgets. Especially when it’s at my fingertips.

Last week I discovered several websites for sounds.

First up is…

Sounds from Soundsnap

Want to describe a gunshot? Well, SoundSnap has 4592 variations from which to choose. Choose the type of gun and where. Is your character firing a single gun in a large room or loading and firing a rifle at a target practice. Outdoor, indoor, or at a target range?


What about the sound of ocean waves? Crashing, soft, against pebbles, sand, clifts or big rocks. SoundSnap gives you 281 different choices.

 Everything from sports, crowds, shoppers, crying, you name it. Barking dog? What type of dog? With SoundSnap you can find it all from every day mundane to the gross and bizarre. The choices are only limited by your imagination. 


This app is so much fun. It’s tree to join or you can subscribe to a monthly membership. Also, you can purchase a sound. On occasion, you may find a few sounds that are free to download. SoundSnap even gives you information as to who submitted the sound.

AND it is always FREE to listen. 

So now when you look up pictures to help with a description, you can now look up sounds to give your story a bit more realism.

Want FREE? Try…

Sound Effects Plus
Zapsplat logo

Once you register, you can download sounds for free.

Another place to find specific sounds for purchase is …

Airborne Sound

And of course, there is always…

YouTube Logo

The good thing about YouTube in addition to sounds you can also find videos. However, I found it a little more difficult to narrow down to a specific individual sound.

Ever wish you could hear a sound to better describe it for your readers?

Do you think hearing the sound helps with your description?

Do you need to incorporate more of the senses in your stories?

Do you have a favorite website for sounds?

In all three apps, some sounds are more realistic than others. So you need to play around to find just what you’re looking for. Happy hunting.




18 thoughts on “What was that? I heard something.

  1. See! Even us old dogs can learn new tricks! I’m still trying to figure which herbs and seasonings to use without having to search for a recipe! Some would take a cooking class but I never take the easy road! I’d rather throw something in the pot and then throw out the content when it tastes horrible! That’s what I all a new diet LOL!

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  2. I heard sound of guns at age seven, I was terrified. I was traveling with my parents and siblings, I heard loud voices, the train was blocked on the tracks with huge tree trunks. I’m not sure how long it lasted, I thought perhaps this is where our journey will come to an end. Then I heard more gun shots, the army was able to remove the trunks and suddenly I saw the dim lights of morning and happy faces welcoming us. We had reached our destination, we were free, far away from the enemy who tried to kill us. I cannot describe the sounds I heard, all I remember was they were coming to kill us!

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