Do you know the right amount of information to share?

About your characters?

We all know how important descriptions and details are in a story. But how much is too much?

This a really good blog post that reminds us not to sweat the minute by minute mundane details of our life of our characters.

Take it away Budgie.

Budgie’s Journal #69 – Where Does the Poop Go?

How much is too much information?

Should we add in more or less of everyday functions?

I like to hear your thought. Leave me a comment and let’s talk.

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5 thoughts on “Do you know the right amount of information to share?

  1. That was a great post! I completely agree, as long as the writer doesn’t swing too far in the other direction and under-describe. Staying in a character’s pov and describing the environment as the character interacts with it is great advice. 🙂

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  2. I always ask myself,”Is this information relevant to the plot or subplot? Sure, the statics of the characters should be in there but a lot of the other stuff I am contemplating about throwing in is frill that really is not needed. I try to think of my stories as movies, scene by scene. If what I want to add is not going to enhance the scene I see in my head, I think twice about shoving it in there.

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