Do you need to do more than Google it?

Sometimes Google is not the end all be expert. 

Although, in our family, the go-to phrase is, “Google it.”

However, on occasion, we need more. But, Facebook and Twitter as a news authority? Really?

Like most people, I love reading Facebook and Twitter but, we need to always check the source. Too many times an opinion piece is considered news. Remember, check the origin of that article your Aunt Sue tagged you in. And if unsure, there are plenty of websites you can run the truth meter. Snopes, and FactCheck are just two. 

What have I learned from Facebook and Twitter? Writing an eye-catching title is important. Not easy but important.

So where do we look for answers to our burning questions?

Read this post by Jacqui Murray. She gives us several places to get the facts straight.

Unconventional Research Sites for Writers by Jacqui Murray

My favorite on her list?

How Stuff Works and Info Please

And here is another you can add to her list. How It’s Made. Click on the link to watch the episodes.

What is your go to information resource?

Do you Google for everything?

Which of her suggestions do you find interesting?

I like to hear yours. Leave me a comment and let’s talk.

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2 thoughts on “Do you need to do more than Google it?

  1. How-Stuff-Works has been a favorite of mine since my kids’ school days.

    Google is okay, but getting so jammed with ads and sponsored links. Depending on what I’m searching for, I may start with official sites or museum sites. But my favorite is If I can’t find what I need there, they have great links to other sites. 😊

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