How can you make your blog more user friendly?

Simple things can improve your blog.

Make your blog easy for readers.

for a more user-friendly blog…

Read – From Myths of the Mirror comes… 7 Steps to a User-Friendly Blog

You might find a couple that will help readers find and click through your blog.

Numbers 3 & 6 helped me.

I added the translate button. It had never occurred to me that not every browser gives you the option to translate a page. Good to know. Also, I hadn’t thought about limiting the number of posts to show up on the first page. My blog now loads faster since I limited that to 3 posts. 

Which one of the 7 do you need to change on your blog?

Leave me a comment and let’s talk.

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10 thoughts on “How can you make your blog more user friendly?

  1. I thought I had my pages set at 10 posts but decided to take a peek to be sure. To my astonishment, I had it set at 12. I put a translator at the top of my sidebar several months ago when I started getting notification of new readers from countries where the primary language is not English. I can only assume they know English if they signed up as a follower but how long would they stay at my blog if I did not make it a little easier for them to read?

    Another thing I do to make my blog more user-friendly is I always use a San font, never a Serif one. Those of us who have astigmatism end up with tired eyes faster when there are hooks and loops in the font.

  2. I’ve tried to make my blog as easy as possible by making things visible and cross-linked. It’s all about user friendliness and ease. A Search window is a must! I have struggled to find material on some blogs with no search function.

    The translator is a good idea. I’m having difficulty finding the function for a dot com WP site, though. I know it’s available for dot org.

  3. Thanks for sharing the post, Jean. It seems there is always more to learn, no matter how long we’ve been blogging. I encourage all new bloggers, especially, to take a look. 🙂 Happy Blogging.

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