Do you know how to break through that barrier?

Have you found a way to break that writer’s block?

To break through whatever is holding you back?

I did, and right in the middle of a holiday.

Writer’s block is banished and hope to hell it stays gone at least for few months. LOL

It was wonderful to sit and write not stop. Not even a bathroom break before I passed 1000 words! Here lately, that’s quite an accomplishment.

What changed? Me.

I relaxed for a few days. Watched TV, read a couple of good books, started a couple of bad books, and read a few great blog posts.  Plus I kept my notebook close by. Yep, you read that right. Old fashioned pen and paper. It seemed that by letting myself off the hook, my mind felt free and the dam burst.

I’d jotted down whatever popped into my head. Later I’d free write or micro-plot from my notes. Nothing more, no pressure to do more than that. Then after a few days, I looked over those messy notes. Those scribbles made about as much sense as a drunk giving directions to the next best bar in town.

But odd as this may sound, I spotted a common thread that began to make sense. I almost flew to my computer. 

And write, I did.

Writing is an escape for me. So I miss it when I can’t take a trip. I miss visiting with crazy characters. I even miss writing and deleting the rubbish no one else will read.

If you need a little encouragement. Read this post by author Roxie Cooper guest post on BlondeWriteMore. Ms. Cooper will help you realize you’re not alone. Click and read!

10 Things I learned about Writing a Novel

Do you have a tip for breaking through?

How do you unscramble your thoughts?

What have you learned about writing free?

Leave me a comment. I love talking to Y’all.

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6 thoughts on “Do you know how to break through that barrier?

  1. I have found I often need a little pressure to get past the barrier. I need to sit there and tell myself that there must be something I can write. I will usually start by fixing little mistakes in the writing I have already done. Sometimes it will take a few days of this before I find that creativity to go into the unknown of the next blank page.

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