Do you know how to Stumble? Get help from Toolbar

Last week I shared a bit about the Stumbleupon.


This seemed to spark more questions so I went in search of more answers. I mean if I’m going to use a media, best to use it correctly. Right?

One thing I’d failed to do was add the Toolbar. This makes Stumbling so much easier. So, I thought some of you might want to know how too.

Let’s get started.

Here are the links you’ll need:

Just click and follow the instructions. It’s super easy.

I don’t use IE so, not sure how to do ADDON for that browser. Sorry folks.

Want to know more about using StumbleUpon?

Here is a good video to help.

Don’t forget! Please Stumble my posts!

Did the ADDON work?

Do you Stumble?

Leave a comment and let me know how this worked for you!

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