Discover the truth about writing that best-seller

According to Florence Osmund, writers need to separate truth from myth on the road to becoming a successful writer.

What a relief to read that Ms. Osmund also learns the hard way, by doing. That’s me. Doing things wrong about six ways to Sunday and re-doing them again. Makes writing exhausting.

Isn’t it great when authors share their experiences in hopes of helping struggling writers like myself? I think so.


So what did I learn from her article?

  • I need to find an editor for my WIP sooner than later.
    • Apparently several. Just one won’t do.
    • Your best friend may mean well but you get what you pay for. So bite the bullet and pay for a professional.
  • That being in control is a two-edged sword.
    • But, hey I’m a control freak.
  • No one enjoys marketing.
    • What a relief, thought I was the only one.
  • Writing a “best seller” is about as easy as threading a camel through the eye of a needle.
    • Wishing won’t make it so.
    • Good thing I enjoy writing.
  • Writing is not cheap.
    • I’m beginning to see that.
  • Promote, promote and promote the book.
    • Again with the marketing.
  • Price matters.
    • Like Goldilocks, not too high, not too low but just right.

Go and read her article at The Book Designer. Here’s the link: 

Four Truths and Four Myths That Every New Novelist Should Know

Any of these truths new to you?

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Discover the truth about writing that best-seller

  1. I am so glad you found my article helpful, Jean. Thank you for sharing it with your followers (of which I am now one!). I share just about everything I’ve learned about writing and the publishing industry on my website. If I can help others avoid the same mistakes I’ve made, I’m very happy.

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  2. YES, I agree with all of Osmund’s advice, and I agree with you. Sharing with other writers, through our blogs and other social media outlets, the joys/frustrations/fun/pain of writing and publishing helps us in so many ways.

    Liked by 3 people

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