Do you know how to protect your blog content?

Back it up!

What happens if your blog crashes?

We back up our computers, or should, but unfortunately most of us assume the internet keeps our web stuff safe. But what if?

You’ve spent months, maybe even years on your blog and what if one morning you woke up to find it gone?

Starting from scratch is a nightmare. Not to mention an overwhelming feeling of loss. All those posts, stories and articles gone, floating around in cyberspace.

So if you haven’t done it already, take a minute and back up your website to your hard drive.

Here is how-

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Page (dashboard.)
  2. Find “Tools”
  3. Under Tools open “Export” Page
  4. On the “Export Page” select “Posts”
    • Here you can select “All”
  5. You can also select “Pages,” etc.
    • Everything selected?

Okay, still with me?

Next, at the bottom of the page, click “Download Export File” Button

  • A message from WordPress pops up stating you will receive an email link to the file.
  • Once you receive this email. Simply click on the link and save to your hard drive.

Now when you back up your computer, your website is backed up too. Safe and sound.

Just don’t crash your computer the same day the internet is taken over by aliens from Mars.

If y’all are really good housekeepers, my apologies for this old information.

But for us sloppy people, it’s a good reminder to stay electronically organized. 

What about it folks?

Do you back up your blogs on a regular basis?

What about your computer? Do you back it up to an external hard drive? 

If so how often do you think is necessary for either process?
Once, twice a year or more often? Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy Leap Year Every One!

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15 thoughts on “Do you know how to protect your blog content?

  1. I use the UpDraftPlus plugin to backup my blogs on a biweekly basis (that’s enough, given my posting schedule). It goes either to OneDrive or my email. Then too, I have an external hard drive that backs up changes to documents continuously. I generally draft blog posts in Word first and then paste them into WordPress. So I have a Word version of most posts as well–which, of course, falls into that continuously updated folder on the external drive. I also periodically add the really important stuff–like financial data, on a thumb drive.

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