Are you a late blooming success story?

Do you think age and experience help with the creative process?

I do!

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Age is just a number.” Usually it’s said by some young, smart ass who doesn’t know a thing about dealing with arthritis, gray hair, forgetting where they left the car keys, or retirement. But hey, one day they’ll understand. 

However, writing is one thing that is not regulated to the young. Not like skiing, swing dancing, or any of the other crazy things our knees let us enjoy in our 20’s.

No, writing is only limited by our imagination. I believe age can enhance imagination from interesting to downright bizarre. Not to mention we have more time to write. 

I wrote an article about writing advice last week, today I’d like to give my readers, and myself, a piece of advice. As with walking, we place one foot in front of the other to begin a journey. So it is with writing. Placing one word after another we start a journey of words. And…


Keep writing, just keep writing and don’t stop.

Who knows when you might write that one amazing story that sets the world on fire?

It could be the next time you sit down at your computer. So just keep writing. Even if it’s nonsense. Let the ideas and words pour out and see where they lead.

Thank you C.S. Lakin for the article below. 

This post gave me hope, that before I leave this earth I might, just might write something worth reading. All I have to do is keep writing one word at a time.

How Writers Can Take a Lesson from Late-Blooming Writers by author J. M. Orend.

So readers, tell me, has your writing, like fine wine, improved with age?

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16 thoughts on “Are you a late blooming success story?

  1. Mostly yes, only slightly no. I wrote reasonably well in high school in college–just without knowledge or wisdom. Three years of law school learning legal writing and years working in local government led to verbiage people could do without. But then, post retirement, the early skills returned as I shed the shackles of legal and government speak. The more I wrote the better the narrative, the imagery and all that goes into something people say reads well. No gangbuster sales results for a memoir published in September 2007, for lots of reasons (most notably the lack of a platform and PR). A hiatus from writing for other essential tasks for several years and I’m ready to set the world on fire in 2016.

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  2. I’m a late bloomer, too. I started college in my 50s and earned two associate degrees and a diploma. I was 44 when my first book published. I didn’t start thinking about writing until my early 30s.

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