Do you believe luck helps your success?

Maybe the short answer is yes.

I’ve heard the definition of luck described as preparation meeting opportunity or some shit like that. There is probably some truth to the quote, but I think luck takes a lot of work.

Do you need luck to be a successful author?

Wouldn’t hurt.  And preparation too.

Indie Authors need to draw attention to their books. If not, even great books can disappear into obscurity amid books floating in the world-wide web of outer space.


How can our books stand out? 

We must have a strategy.

Long gone are the days you can publish an ebook and voila instant sales. Even if you give away your book on Amazon it might not give you a significant boost in rankings.  No, after you hit the publish button, the work is just beginning.

I’m always adding sites to better understand how to do things. And marketing is one of my weak points. It’s something I don’t get. Hopefully, by the time I’m ready to publish another book, I’ll be better equipped to handle that side of self-publishing. 

I think Ruth Nestvold has some good tips on ebook promotions. Still, not sure I understand how the Permafree works, nor that I’m sold on the effectiveness of Facebook ads. After all, I’m still a green Indie. 

Click below and read her suggestions. Let me know what you think. 


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