Do you need to make a flyer to promote your book?

Yes, you do.

Not like those littering your car windshield at Target or dropped on your front porch every weekend.

No, this is something called an Author Information Sheet, AI for short.

And not only is it important, but apparently it’s kinda expected when you go to a book fair, expo or present your book to a library or bookstore. 

Who knew?

Don’t tell me? You did! Guess as usual, I‘m the last to figure out these things. Sigh… Well, better late than never.

So what exactly is an Author Information Sheet?

It’s a pitch sheet for you and your book.

An AI sheet is a single sheet that introduces your book to the library, book fair, bookstore, or well, you get the picture. 

On this one sheet of paper, the reader knows who you are, what you look like, where and how to contact you, the name of your book, when it was released, what the cover looks like, the genre, a brief description, the cost, where to order or buy it, and some glowing reviews. 

The job of an AI is to get the attention of readers, hook them and then reel them in for the sale. 

Cool, right?


Sounds like a handy, hardworking little devil to have around. I might just print off a few and keep them in the car. Never know when an opportunity might come knocking.

Just because I’m a self-published author doesn’t mean I don’t want to look and act any less professional than an author published by one of the big houses. No laughing out there. I’m doing my best. And printing out a few AI sheets is a good step.

It’s a simple thing and it can speak volumes to someone who wants to know about your book. This sheet can tell them about the book, you, your website and where to find all three. Pretty cool and worth a little bit of time.

Click on the following link, to find download templates you can customize for your book. Like the scouts, always be prepared. 

How to Create an Advance Information (AI) Sheet for a Self-published Book by

Okay, does anyone out there use an AI sheet? If so, do you have a better template?

Is this something you think would be useful?

Talk to me people.

Leave me a comment or you can find me on Twitter @jeancogdell, Facebook at jean.cogdell and, stop by and say hey! Please remember to with a click and share this post with your Twitter peeps and Facebook fans.

11 thoughts on “Do you need to make a flyer to promote your book?

  1. I made a tri-fold flyer many years ago but didn’t find many opportunities to use it. I guess if you go to conferences and things like that you could put it in a handout bag or something. You could drop some off where books are read or sold if allowed, such as bookstores and libraries. If you have a paperback giveaway and have another book to promote, you could include it with the giveaways. It could be a letter to readers with a blurb of your upcoming book at the end. Just some thoughts.

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