Are you timid about promoting your book?

Do you fear sounding like a Twitter or Facebook Harpie?

Buy mine! Buy Mine! Buy Mine!


Well, I do.

I want to sell my little book as much as any other author, but I don’t want to beg. There has to be a better way than flooding social media with ads.

Thanks to Chris over at THE STORY READING APE for another terrific find. I don’t know where he manages to find so many amazing and informative websites, but I’m so glad he does.

I devoured this one on how to market a book without posting ads by the thousands on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

As an introvert, some of these would be difficult for me, but one of my goals for 2016 is to move a little more out of my comfort zone. The first step toward that goal, is participating in a local Author Con in the Spring.

You may not want to use all of her tips, but even one or two of these ideas could be the springboard you’ve been searching for to launch your book.

Are you ready to move beyond social media to promote your book?

Could you do a book fair, meet with a book club or do an interview with the local media?

Or how about my favorite on her list, create a holiday

Click below and read the entire article. Let me know which of her ideas you think have merit.

How to promote a book without using social media by Author Sandra Beckwith

What did you do to market your book? Did it work? 

Talk to us. Inquiring minds want to know.

You can find me on Twitter @jeancogdell, Facebook at jean.cogdell and, stop by and say hey! Please remember to with a click and share this post with your Twitter peeps and Facebook fans.



7 thoughts on “Are you timid about promoting your book?

  1. I am in the same place you are with marketing my books. I am really going to make an effort to be more committed and assertive this year as well about marketing my book. A book fair – I hadn’t thought of that. Hmmm……

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  2. WOW Many thanks for the shout out Jean 😀
    I don’t have any stories or books to write or sell and I’m retired, so I have the time to research any articles that may (or sometimes may not) help authors like you.
    This is my way of saying a big THANK YOU to storytellers who enriched my life over the years 😀

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