Sometimes the easiest is the most direct

Like, use what is right in front of me. There’s not a long learning curve with a program I already know. Duh!

This appears to be a lesson I seem destined to learn the hard way over and over.

After spending all day, and I do mean all day, researching and downloading various programs I figured out what I’d been using was the best all along. Go back to the tried and true. 

All that time wasted. Sometimes I’m so hard-headed. 

Me- Duh Jean M Cogdell

However, one good thing did come out of it. 

I came across a valuable post filled with information. Information that I did need. 

Do you know how many pages a children’s picture book should have? 

Do you know how it should be constructed? Exactly? Dough boy - building crane

Picture Book Dummy, Picture Book Construction: Know Your Layout by Tara Lazar

You see, my editor had just suggested I make up a dummy of my new children’s book before going in further. She thought a dummy might help me get a handle on the correct size of the book and the illustrations.

So I guess my day wasn’t wasted after all. 

Thanks, Ms. Lazar for this timely bit of info. With your post maybe I’ll avoid a lot of mistakes.

Now this dummy is off to lay out a dummy of

“A Most Reluctant Princess.”

Throne Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 9.22.25 PM - Copy

I hope some of y’all find the information as helpful as I did. If you did, talk to me…

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