Don’t you just love it, when you “get it”?

Me too!

Thanks to J.A. Stinger for sending me to a new blogger, at least new to me, for another light bulb moment.

I’ve been a member of Amazon Associates for years. I’ve never understood how to use it. Now don’t y’all get all uppity on me, I’m sure there are a few things that has confounded you over the years. Well, back to my issue with Amazon Associates. Since I couldn’t figure out how to link anything to my blog with the Associates link, I just forgot about it. Until today when I read J.A.’s blog and followed her link to for the rest of the story.

Folks, this is why reblogging is so important.

As I read and then reread Ana’s post a second time the pieces clicked into place and I finally got it. 


When I’d finished, I went a bit further and discovered a couple of tricks of my own. So after you’ve read Ana’s tips keep reading, I’ve got a few more for you.

Even more fun with WordPress widgets: how to create an Amazon affiliate link and make a ton of cents! By Anna Spoke

Here’s what I learned:

1- After you’ve found the product, click on “Shorten URL” above the HTML code.

This gives you a short URL link that you can copy and link to any image.


2- Click on the “Build more links” button on the right below the HTML code. 

This takes you to the screen below where you can select from 3 different customized links, Text only, Image with Text, or Image only.


I like the image only, as it will give you a widget you can use on your website. That’s the one I have on the upper top left of this website. 


3- Select one of the 3 and click Highlight HTML and copy.

4- Paste the HTML code in the widget you want to use on your website.

Now go sign up on Amazon Associates. 

Hope my tips were as helpful as Ana’s. If they were, or if you’ve had good success on Amazon Associates, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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