Do you have a good memory trick?

This is how mine goes at my house.

One night last week as I was drifting off to sleep a rhyme entered my head and refused to leave.

So instead of letting it go I did what any writer and wife would do. I woke my husband.

“Honey, you asleep?”

“Nah, not anymore. Anything wrong?”

“No, need to tell you something.”

Now I had his full attention. He was expecting a big revelation. Much to his surprise it was this little ditty that was running cycles in my head like a kid hyped up on sugar riding a brand new tricycle.

“Thanks for listening.” I said. “Now I won’t forget it. Good night.”



He didn’t think I heard the chuckle in his voice. But I did and I didn’t mind. Because he had listened to my rambling so that I would remember in the morning. Now that’s a good partner. Talking is the only way I can be halfway assured I will remember in the morning. Talking it out helps cement it in my thoughts.

I’m excited to announce I just sent it off to the editor and to the illustrator. Yay! First phase down.

Thanks Honey!

So how about you. Do you have a technique that helps you remember the ideas that pop into your head during the wee hours of the night?

Do tell!

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