Do you want to switch or not?

From or to a self-hosting website.

I’ve toyed with the idea of going the self-hosting route several times. But I always back away. 

Why? Because for me is simpler and easier than learning an entire new system. Plus, I don’t want my writing to suffer nor do I want my website to suffer either. I fear that something would have to give one way or the other should I make a shift at this time.

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For me, my website is a place to practice my storytelling, and to share what I learn, as I learn about writing. Do I want my blog to be successful? Of Course! But not at the expense of becoming a better writer.

The following is a good article about self-hosting. 

18 Important Things You Should Know About Self-Hosting BY

What about you guys?

Do you enjoy the blogging platform you have now? 

Have you toyed with the idea of switching? If so which way?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this subject. Maybe I should rethink self-hosting.

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6 thoughts on “Do you want to switch or not?

  1. Thank you Jean!
    I am touched and flattered. Happy holidays to you! Thank you so much for the exposure, the link, and the kind words. I am glad you liked the article. Thank you for sharing it with your readers.

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