How to join in the holiday rush

I’d love to have a little of that holiday rush head my way.

Now don’t shoot the messenger. I know Thanksgiving comes first and I share your frustration with all the decorations flooding the stores earlier and earlier every year.

snowman holidays

However, thinking about when and how should we market our books take a lot of planning.

A big thank you goes to Nicholas C. Rossis for sending me the link to the article by Taylor at Written Word Media.

If you are wondering when to start, to click on the following link.

Holiday Book Marketing: An Author’s Guide to Black Friday and Beyond

These are great tips on when and how you might want to focus marketing your book.

Are you going to release, or market your book on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

To discount or not to discount?

These are important questions and Taylor gives us the answer.

So what are your plans? Or have you given it much thought?

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9 thoughts on “How to join in the holiday rush

  1. Timing is perfect. My new book is ideal for a grandparent gift and I’ve been wondering when the best time to sell it would be. Thanks! I’m hoping to jump on that holiday bandwagon train with Real Grandparents: From A to Z, Everything a Grandparent Can Be! Who wouldn’t want that? 🙂 I wasn’t thinking about a discount but after reading this I’m thinking a Cyber Monday discount might be the best way to bring this to market.

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