Do you want paper or electronic?

Remember the question, “Paper or plastic?”

What does this have to do with reading and writing?

Because I don’t believe hardback or paperback books are going the way of the dinosaurs.

I’ve two daughters, two son-in-laws, and five grandchildren. Although, they each have e-readers everyone of them prefers paper books to ebooks. They like the feel of a book. They all enjoy browsing the library stacks and bookstore shelves.

girls reading
Afternoon at bookstore.

They even enjoy online shopping for books. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy the postman delivering a package to their door.

On occasion they do download an ebook, usually when they are in a hurry or traveling.

Me, I love my Kindle! I read more and faster on my e-reader. But I have to admit there is something profoundly personal about words on paper.

After the following article Darcy Pattison, I’m convinced more than ever that paperback books will last a very long time.

Think that as authors we need to make our books available in both.

I don’t foresee, in the immediate future, the demise of either medium.

EBooks for Kids? New Study Says Maybe Not By

What do you think? Which do you prefer? Which do your kids like best?

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10 thoughts on “Do you want paper or electronic?

  1. Perfect timing. I’m about to publish a children’s book picture book about grandparents (attempting to redefine the stodgy grandparent images I’ve been seeing in the books I read to my grand boy). My illustrator said he thought the paperback was the only way to do for kids but my research says ebooks are a significantly growing trend for picture books especially. Very confusing. I love the feel of print on paper and read my grandson exclusively those. But he’s only three and facile with electronics. I have a feeling if he had an e-reader he’d love it. So it’s confusing. I’m moving forward with both. I’ll be interested to see which format does better.

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    1. I’ve discovered that playing games, even educational games, on e-device is so different from reading a book on an e-reader. Most stats suggest that children learn to read faster and better with hard books. I published in both mediums.

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  2. Still like books in my hand. I have developed the skill of being able to turn a page with one hand, so I must continue to read real books so I don’t lose this skill. Don’t even own a e-reader, although I have considered buying one.

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