Are you ready to pitch?


Hosted by the Women’s Fiction Writers Association

Do you have a manuscript, but don’t know what to do next?

Spit shine your story pitch until it gleams and then head over to WFWA’s Pitch Session.

Wednesday, September 9th, when for a full 24 hours 12:00 am–11.59 Pacific you can put your story out there. (That’s a 3:00 am start time for all you East Coasters, but don’t lose sleep over it. You’ll have all day Wednesday to send in your pitch.)

There’s no registration required and no fee!

WFWA members can pitch their women’s fiction by posting the title, total word count, sub-genre (for example, upmarket women’s fiction or women’s fiction with magical realism), a 50-word pitch and the first 250 words of the manuscript. There’s only one entry per member.

Participating agents will review the posts and respond to those they would like to see more of.

Go to the WFWA’s website for more information and a list of agents. It’s quite impressive.

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