Do you love bling?

Well, I love all kinds of shiny things!

It seems my cup runs over and I am so grateful!

A big thank you to Hector Sampson for the The Sunshine Award.

Check out his Amazon author page and his website The power of Quantum Thinking for great reading.


1) Thank the person that nominated you
2) Answer the questions you were given by the person who nominated you
3) Nominate some other bloggers for this award
4) Write the same amount of questions to the bloggers you have nominated
5) Notify the bloggers you have nominated

1.- What is your biggest fear?

To fail my family.

2.- What makes you feel happy faster?

My husband -not going to say more about that in print 😉

3.- What are you doing tomorrow?


4.- Why do you have a blog?

I’ve discovered a blog is a good outlet for my writing as well as a place to learn the craft and meet other writers.

Okay, Peeps your turn!

Have fun and answer the same questions above.

Charles French 

Rachel Ritchey


Robin Rivera

Suzanne Joshi

 No obligation to participate.

You may or may not accept the award.

Congratulations anyway!

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