Tips to Improve Your Odds

Sorry, I’m running late this morning. The rain pounding against my windows convinced me to snuggle down for a lazy morning. My choice was to snuggle down and enjoy the morning storm or get up and check my email for another dreaded rejection notice. I pulled the cover over my head.

When I finally finished a long, lazy morning of coffee and toast, read the newspaper – cover to cover, I opened my email. And what a pleasant surprise!

Only great tips waited on me. Thanks everybody!

Low and behold, one of them was 9 Secrets for Publishing By Andrew Winch. 

As a senior editor for Splickety Publishing Group, Mr. Winch explains the process he goes through when selecting a story. Focusing on submission tips-n-tricks as well as a few elements specific to flash fiction.

Seems as if there’s a lot more to submitting than “just follow the guidelines.”

For instance, Mr. Winch recommends, in Flash Fiction, as a guide– One character and one scene for every 300 words.

Hop over and read the entire article for inspiration and let’s make something happen.


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7 thoughts on “Tips to Improve Your Odds

  1. I was also harangued by rain this morning (an angry deluge) but had no qualms about checking my email, as my submissions, hereinafter known as Intentions, Possibilities, and Unpolished, inexplicably garner little attention.


  2. Good luck. You have to stay positive. I read somewhere that if we think that it won’t work out well in that case 9 out of 10 times it won’t. But if we stay confident the odds are a bitter on our side.
    Loved the peanuts cartoon.


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