Tips to Improve Your Odds

Sorry, I’m running late this morning. The rain pounding against my windows convinced me to snuggle down for a lazy morning. My choice was to snuggle down and enjoy the morning storm or get up and check my email for another dreaded rejection notice. I pulled the cover over my head.

When I finally finished a long, lazy morning of coffee and toast, read the newspaper – cover to cover, I opened my email. And what a pleasant surprise!

Only great tips waited on me. Thanks everybody!

Low and behold, one of them was 9 Secrets for Publishing By Andrew Winch. 

As a senior editor for Splickety Publishing Group, Mr. Winch explains the process he goes through when selecting a story. Focusing on submission tips-n-tricks as well as a few elements specific to flash fiction.

Seems as if there’s a lot more to submitting than “just follow the guidelines.”

For instance, Mr. Winch recommends, in Flash Fiction, as a guide– One character and one scene for every 300 words.

Hop over and read the entire article for inspiration and let’s make something happen.


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