Start Every Story With A Bang

Are you stumped?

A scene too slow? Too much back story? Is it putting you to sleep? 

Does your writing need a jump-start?

I’ll admit, I’m bad. As a reader, if the story doesn’t grab me I don’t keep reading.

And damn it, I confess, I’m also as bad as some writers who write too much back story.Sometimes I get fall into the telling trap instead of showing.

When this happens, I get stumped. So don’t feel like you’re all alone.

I recently read a couple of great posts on grabbing your reader and keeping their attention. If I can build momentum and keep my attention while writing then maybe just maybe I can keep a reader’s attention too.

So if your interested in some good writing tips to spice up your writing with action —

Begin with How to Start Your Novel By Chuck Sambuchino posted at Writers In The Storm Blog then —

click on over to Darcy Pattison’s Fiction Notes and read  Find Your Novel Opening: Quickly, Efficiently–and with MORE Creativity next–

head over to Blake Synder’s Save The Cat Beat Sheets and learn how screen writing can improve your story.

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