Breaking News – No 5 Star Recommendation Today

Sorry everyone! No book review today.

This week has been crazy.

Spent two days in bed. Someone should’ve warned me picking up magic markers could throw out my back. Weird….

Plus this week has have been filled with nail-biting, exciting Little League playoff games. Let me tell you – the Texas Rangers have nothing, and I mean nothing on these pint-sized eleven year old kids. Each game was a thrill to watch them play their hearts out and win.

Last night we cinched 2nd place. Two more games to go. Hope my nerves can take it.

wyatt2 wyatt1a

And this week we also celebrated our youngest grandson’s 8th birthday! DylanBD2

DylanBD1 DylanBDC

The two days I spent laying flat on my aching back, I started a couple of books but they couldn’t hold my attention. The rest of the week there just wasn’t enough time nor energy. Family comes first, and is a big priority for me. So unfortunately, I’m without a book recommendation.

What’s in your kindle?

Y’all know I love to read, so send me your best recommendations for the coming week.

Y’all know that I love comments, almost as much as I love clicks.

So after you pass my post on to your Facebook and Twitter pals leave me a comment and a book recommendation.

If you’re not already, please follow me @jeancogdell on Twitter or jean.cogdell on Facebook!


6 thoughts on “Breaking News – No 5 Star Recommendation Today

      1. I’ve stopped downloading no matter how enticing the story and I hate not to download. I have so many hard and soft covers as well. If I dropped everything and concentrated only on reading, I still wouldn’t catch up. The stress is killing me because I want / need to read them all. ❤ ❤ ❤

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