How to Deal With Rejection Syndrome

Fight It Baby!

Ach! Another rejection.

Of course, after I reread the submission, I would’ve rejected the piece myself.

What on earth possessed me?

Oh well, next…

Write, submit, tweak, write, submit, and repeat.

Or something like that.

I recently read a great article that implied women are wimps when it comes to re-submitting.

Ladies – man up!

Submit Like A Man: How Women Writers Can Become More Successful

Stop getting your feelings hurt! Rejections are all subjective. (or so I keep telling myself.) Judges are human after all and need coffee to wake up each morning too. Hmm, unless we are dealing with vampires. Stay on topic Jean.

What I’m trying to say is, caviar is just fish eggs for some people.

So, ladies and gents, submit everywhere again and again.

Because I’m beginning to believe getting published is as much a numbers game as a game of talent.

Have you been rejected lately? How did you deal with it? Did you resubmit right away or wait awhile?

taz reject

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6 thoughts on “How to Deal With Rejection Syndrome

  1. IDK, I used to find success when I really targeted a publication but the rules and the markets have changed so much, who the heck knows. The spaghetti toss might just be the way to go. Wishing us both the best of luck.

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  2. This came at exactly the right time for me! It’s been years since I played the submission game but just recently submitted 3 pieces to a site which asked for samples. IF they approve the samples only then have I earned the right to actually submit a real piece for consideration, only then will I have earned the right to have a piece accepted, or in fact, rejected. Holy Cow! And here I am nervously awaiting the results, it’s been 5 days and nothing. Ach! is right!

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    1. Yep, and I hate feeling like a wallflower in eight grade, sitting against the wall waiting for the quarterback to ask me to dance. So, I’ve decided to submit over and over, here, there and everywhere. Take the “throw it against the wall” approach. Eventually something will stick, right?

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