Are you using Scrivener?

Maybe you’re still using MS Word?

If you’re interested in trying something different read —

Writers in the Storm blog posted a listing of the Top 10 Scrivener Features for Writers. 

I use both. Each program does something different. For short stories I use MS Word but for longer pieces I love Scrivener.

I also recommend reading Writing a Novel with Scrivener by David Hewson, he makes it simple.

Also if you want to figure out how to use Scrivener to outline that novel. Check out this tutorial by Erin Bowman.

There are dozens of YouTube videos to help a writer, so go crazy.

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13 thoughts on “Are you using Scrivener?

      1. you’re most welcome… it only costs half of what scrivener costs, but I couldn’t get scrivener due to not having the latest, Apple OS. So I thought I’d check out Story mill it looks very similar. I’m still playing with it and haven’t actually done any writing yet as per se. But I will be. Only had it a few weeks.

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  1. I found one of the most useful features of Scrivener was being able to show in the Binder (with different colours as I like pretty graphics) whose POV a scene was in. And from that I could see where I was hopping too quickly from one character to another. And then of course Scrivener makes it easy to drag and drop those scenes into a new order.

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      1. Actually the colours are so useful. If you set a colour for a POV, then tell the Binder to show that colour, you can see instantly where you’re in one character for a scene then a different character for the next, etc. which might be what you’re aiming for, but in short scenes might be a bit, well, bitty. Haven’t used the Index Cards much yet but I can see how they would be helpful.

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  2. Hi Jean, I’m a recent convert to Scrivener. I just love the organisational capabilities of the programme. Although I have to say once I’ve got what I hope is a pretty final draft, it’s good old Word that I turn to, to finish it off.

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