Celebrating the finish line

Z = Zero

     Zero, none and done.

It’s the Zero-hour, and here we are at the end.

We all made it to the finish. I’m so glad I participated. Had I missed this challenge I would’ve missed meeting so many great people. Because of this challenge I wrote with more discipline to meet my goals. Fingers crossed I’ve formed a new writing habit.

I hope we see each other again and often after we’ve finished the 2015, A to Z Challenge. I’ve clicked to follow many of your blogs and look forward to seeing your names in my inbox.

So here is the last segment of Rachel and who knows with my new found writing routines I might even finish the book. Thank you for all your kind comments and encouragement.


Rachel leaned forward, her cell phone pressed to the windshield. A soft sigh escaped when she read the words No Signal.

“So what’s your story, Jase?”

Jase stared for a second and then a slow smile crinkled on his tanned face.

“Well, we can listen to a radio playing more static than Garth Brooks or we can talk?” Rachel said, “We could start with what does Jase stands for?”

He reached forward and silenced the radio. “Jason Cole Branson at your service Officer.” He answered with a wink.

God, he was one cocky cowboys. At least she hoped that was his worst fault.

“Okay, tell me a little bit about Jason Cole Branson.”

He leaned across Rachel his right arm stretching toward the glove compartment.

“Whoa, what’re you doing?” She said.

Her hand slid to her belt comforted by the sidearm.

“Hold on, don’t go getting all excited. I’m not going to pull anything.” He said.

Jase shook his head in disbelief at this trigger happy woman. “You wanted to know who I am, well here.”

He tossed the leather wallet in her lap and slammed the compartment closed.

“You’re a sheriff?”

“Yes Ma’am, and if you’ll tell me what’s going on maybe I can help.”

For the first time all day Rachel felt relief. She wasn’t riding off into the sunset with some crazed maniac, but another fellow officer of the law.

Leaning back against the passenger door, she relaxed and began talking. Who knows, maybe she could use his help. At least his blue eyes and good looks would make for pleasant company.

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