This is what they don’t tell you about becoming a writer.

It’s damn hard and scary as hell.


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That brand new, super fast laptop with all the bells and whistles doesn’t a writer make. Although the salesman swore your book would almost write itself. But you do find it easier to waste time as you are sucked into more and more social media websites. Those dancing cats are funny.

 A room to work?

You work like a dog clean out that tiny room the one with the ugly chair and lamp, a years worth of old magazines, tax files and unpacked boxes. Yeah, that room. Now that the old desk shines like new and is free of dust and clutter writing should be a breeze.


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A small printer sits on the edge, filled with paper at the ready. On the right is a mug from your husband. Writer at work.  His idea of being supportive.

A muddled brain…

Late last night your eyes refused to close, your brain refused to quiet and sleep was nowhere to be found. You had enough story ideas for several breakout best-selling novels. Not to mention all the blog posts you could write. Now, as you sit in your new ergonomic chair, your mind goes blank. As blank as the white unlined paper stacked in the printer on your left.

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The only thoughts filling your mind now are nagging doubts.

What works for me?

Type one word. It doesn’t matter what word.

Type any damn thing.

Turn that word into a sentence.

Part of the writing process is to…

Silence the voice of fear when you stare at a blank screen and wonder what the hell to say. When you wonder who will read what you write.

Because you’ll always have to overcome…

Fear of disappointment

Who cares?

Won’t be the first time you’ve disappointed someone, especially if you’ve got kids. As for disappointing yourself, just how high are your expectations?


Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never been embarrassed? Again, got kids? Or, what about the time you drank too much wine at the Christmas party? Hmm…. Thought so.embarrassment

So get on with it

There comes a time when just have to say, “What the fuck.” And write, just write with no thought for who will like or will read your words. Because, you are the writer and the ruler of the worlds you create.

Good, bad, ugly, or beautiful it doesn’t matter. You are the judge and jury. If you love it, who cares. Have fun and write.

Set yourself free and breathe life into every word as you bring new worlds into being. Because without you, those words, that world would not exist.

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16 thoughts on “This is what they don’t tell you about becoming a writer.

  1. Thanks Jean! I’ve been hestitant in going into my office in the evenings, because I’m in there all day & my computer is a desktop. However, I discovered Livescribe and am writing out my ideas & first drafts more readily. It is just one word at a time but the right supportive tools as you state certainly help. 😊


  2. Your point about one word resonated with me. If I’m not actually hitting a key on my computer, I can’t write. Even if what I write at first has nothing to do with my novel. somehow it gets my brain going…


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