Will you join your voice to the many?

I’m taking a pause about writing tips.

Although some have accused me of changing my blog from a writing blog to a political blog, this is not the case. Writers have used their skill with words to convey emotions, and positions for centuries. So as a writer, I’m using my words to write how I feel about the climate in our country today.  Because I do not consent.

Please don’t remain silent. Silence is consent. 

I do not consent to the power grab happening in Washington DC. Do you?

I do not consent to the violation of our first amendment. Do you?

I do not consent to filling internment camps with crying babies. Do you?

I do not consent to throwing out due process laws? Do you?

I do not consent to the ransom of innocent children for a damn wall? Do you?

I do not consent to keep silent. I will contact Congress, use my voice to speak for what is right. Will you?

The proverbial saying ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’ conveys the opinion that, as a person’s power increases, their moral sense diminishes.

Is this happening in our country now?

The First Amendment in our Constitution guarantees freedom of the press, yet our government is refusing access to the press. Why? What are they hiding in these child internment camps?

Do we still live in a democracy?

We do not elect dictators, we elect leaders to serve the people. Remind Washington of that. There is no law that requires the separation of children from their parents. 

And even if the new Executive Order prevents future separations of children from their parents, no process has been put in place to reunite those torn asunder.

No matter where you stand on immigration, jailing small children by the thousands or confining families indefinitely, is wrong. There must be a better way.

Don’t know how to contact your Congressman?

Click here Contacting Congress.

Spread the word, share so others can speak out. Please do not remain silent. Tweet, write, call, yell until we get answers. Stand against tyranny.  Our country is a country of due process.




How do you know what your character is thinking?

How do you capture that ever elusive “voice?”

I find it’s sometimes hard to get out of my own head and into the mind of my character. To find that unique “voice.” Understanding the characters is paramount to understanding their actions and decisions.

So how do we do find the right “voice?”

The last thing I want is for all of my characters to sound alike!


I just finished reading a book called Voice by James Bell

This is a must read for writers. Mr. Bell keeps suggestions are simple and easy to understand. I will reread this book again and again. Of the many, many books on writing, rereading is not something I do often.

What helped me find a voice?

  • The “voice” should not be mine…
    • Unless I’m writing a memoir
  • Images help…
    • Pick an image that fits the character.
    • Avoid people you know or famous people.
  • When searching for an image…
    • Enter several descriptive key words.
      • Tall, dark and handsome isn’t enough. Get creative.
  • A journal can be a great tool…
    • But write in the journal as if the character is writing. Not you.
  • Interview the character…
    • Ask questions and write the answers from the character’s POV.

How do you capture the “voice” of a character?

Any tips to help me? Please share.

Want more? Check out Judy Reeves’s “A Writer’s Book of Days.

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