Do you struggle writing the perfect love scene?

X = X-rated Writing

I thought about X –marks the spot but chose X-rated because I struggle with writing sex and love scenes.

As a writer we can publish anything on the internet. There are no internet police. However, as I’m sure you’ve learned already publishing is another thing.

Naught or Nice?

Good writing, in my opinion, comes in all sizes.

Yes, even X-rated. The key phrase is good writing.

Good taste is subjective but good writing is not.

I try to choose my words with care. Because there is a difference between words that are graphic, explicit, dirty, sexy, suggested or imaginative.

I don’t think we should worry about offending, but need to strive to get the words right. Words and phrases that match the character and hook the reader. Does the character need a little spice in their life that’s the question and most times the answer is yes.

Writing great sex scenes, even X-rated,  is an art just like writing great murder scenes. Both should be filled with mystery. Too much blood and gore in a murder can turn some readers off too.

As a Reader, I love to use my imagination and too much explicit detail can be a turn off. Think about all of those bodice ripping novel that fly off the shelves.

So tell me, how do you write your X-rated scenes?

Lots of details or lots of imagination?

Leave me some tips and help in the comments section. I need all I can get to let my freak fly.

 Rachel’s Saga continues:

The cool air from the A/C felt wonderful. Rachel began to relax as soulful songs of love and betrayal filled the truck.

“Feel better?”

She jerked toward the driver. “Uh, yes, thank you. I’m sorry, what did you say your name was?” She asks.

“Didn’t. But people call me Jase.”

His eyes roamed from her face to the sweat stains. She pulled the white cotton shirt separating it from her skin.

“Were you walking in this heat long?” He asks.

“No, not too long.”

“You’re lucky I came along.”

He smiled and stretched his right arm across the back of her seat.

“No telling how long it’d would’ve been for somebody else stopped.” He said.

Rachel didn’t bother to respond. She needed to keep her wits and watch this snake. Rattlers weren’t the only ones that could strike when you least expected.

The truck hit a pothole and began to swerve. Rachel’s head hit the passenger window. They slid off the shoulder, gravel pinging the fenders as they came to a jarring stop her head slammed again and her vision blurred as blood dripped in her eye.

“You okay Darling? Didn’t mean to pull off so fast. Here, let me see.”

His arm reached for her.

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