How you can make the most of Social Media

Want to sell more books, grab more readers? 

Who doesn’t, right?

Just had to reblog this terrific post by  His article is filled with great tips on how to promote your book through social media.

I haven’t tried all of his tips, but I’m working on them. Little by little, and page by page, I’m trying to improve my social media presence.

Fingers crossed I don’t screw up my Facebook page. I’ve been known to mess up in the past.


If any of y’all manage his instructions, do let me know how it works out.

Exciting Times For Facebook Author Pages By 

Have you maximized your presence on Facebook and other Social Media?

Which tip worked best for you?

Do have another tip to help me expand my presence on Social Media?




Are you confident, do you know what to say?

Do you find it difficult to emerge from your writing world?

Confession time. sometimes I’m as tongue-tied as a teenager on her first date. I don’t have a clue what I should say.

Hello, my name is Jean and I’m an introvert.  

More times than not, I prefer to stay home and talk to my imaginary friends. Meeting strangers leave me as tongue-tied as a teenager on her first date. I don’t have a clue what to say. And it seems that with each passing year, I find it more and more difficult.

And Lordy, don’t get me started on promoting my books. I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to that. I rather sit at my computer writing than convince people to buy something I’ve written.

So, just how does an introvert such as myself, have meaningful conversations with strangers?


Prepare for a meet and greet as if we were preparing to write. Because for people like me, networking is hard.

Here is a great article on conversation starters.

10 Handy Conversation Starters for Introverted Writers by

Here’s what I gleaned from Ms. Rowan’s article.

  1. Memorize that elevator pitch. (yuck) But, don’t start off with the pitch.
  2. Remember your manners. Show interest in the other person and listen. Most times, they’ll lead you right into the “pitch.”
  3. Smile, no one wants to talk to a “resting bitch face.”
  4. Break the ice with questions about the event.
  5. Don’t make the entire conversation a sales pitch. (see #2)
  6. Memorize some basic questions so you won’t be tongue-tied. Ms. Rowan gives a good list of icebreakers.

What do you think?

Do you have trouble in these situations?

Do you enjoy seminars, book festivals or book signings?

Is it easy for you to promote your books?

What is your secret to overcoming those butterflies?

Tell me in the comments section. I love hearing from Y’all.

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