Why you may want to delete Facebook

I’m deleting one of my Facebook accounts. 

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with all of my social media accounts. This is an attempt to make it a little less stressful.

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Last week I wrote a post about deleting one of my Facebook accounts. How to merge your Professional page and Newsfeed PUBLISHED ON January 6, 2017

Unfortunately, I don’t think I explained the reasons or process very well. So I’ll give it another go.

First, to avoid more confusion, I’ll refer to Facebook as “Facebook Account” and not page.

Why? Because it’s not really a page. Facebook Home/Newsfeed is the main page. But I’m going to talk a lot about pages and want to show you the difference.

I’ve had two Facebook Accounts forever. Like many of you, I’ve had a personal Facebook account for family and friends plus a professional Facebook account for my writing interests.

But more and more, I’m asked which account people should “like.” Many of my friends and family want to keep up with my process as a writer in addition to my personal exploits. (Love that word, exploits.)

Okay, back to why I’m deleting my personal Facebook account.

  • Time is the number one reason.
    • My time as well as the readers.
  • Clarity
    • Some people find it confusing that I have two Facebook Accounts.

Why keep my Professional Facebook Account?

  • I have pages on this account and don’t want to duplicate them on the one I use for personal.
  • More control.
    • I can post in one place.
  • If I want, I can add all types of pages.
    • Author page
    • Want to profile one of your characters? Make a character page.
    • Website page

Pages are different from your Newsfeed or Home page. Why would you want a page added? Lots of reasons.

  • To showcase your books.
  • To reference your website.
  • A bio page.
  • Personal page for family.

Bottom line, one Facebook account can cover all of my needs. Plus I won’t have to keep up with where and what I posted last.

Think you might want to add pages?

It’s easy! Watch!

Is this a little clearer?

Are you going to try?

Will just one Facebook account simply your life?

Let me know what you think.

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