How does your writing grow?

How do you write?

In peace and quiet?

With lots of noise?

From kids and toys?

A minute here a minute there?

Or sit all day and merely stare?

Do your fingers type for hours on end?

Or peck out a word every now and then?

How do you write?

Me? I prefer peace and quiet. When doing dishes give me a Country Music song to get the job done, but as for writing, I need quiet to hear my characters speak. I wish I could write for hours on end, but my life is probably much like yours, so I write when I can. A line here and a line there.

Does the love of words inspire you?

Poetry is one of the most beautiful forms of writing, but as you can see, not my talent. I wish it were. However, words do inspire me. Whether a limerick, headline in a newspaper, spoken by a child or written in a good thriller, I love them all.

Words inspire me when appearing on a blank page, as if by magic, one letter at a time they form a sentence. The sentences soon become paragraphs and before long a story fills the page.

What else would you call it but magic?

Not the magic of secret spells or potions but of stories produced from thin air and plucked from my crowded mind.

The fun part is grasping the words and throwing them at the page. The hard part is rearranging them into an interesting work worthy of a reader’s time. So that’s my goal. To write something worth reading.

Thanks for listening to my rambles today. I need to find some order for all the words floating around in my gray matter. Sometimes a little rambling helps.

Talk to me.

Leave a comment about how you manage to capture words, producing your stories, finding inspiration and keeping the magic alive.