How to recognize your fingerprints in a story

If someone dusted your story, would they know it was yours?

Fingerprint and keyboard

All writers have a unique pattern of word usage. Tweet it!

That’s right. Take a look at your writing. Do you use a certain phrase or word over and over? I gotta admit, this is something I haven’t thought about before. Sometimes I overuse words in a draft and will toss them out later. But, I’ve never given much thought to what words or phrase identify me.

Until I read an article by Ben Blatt.

Writers are creatures of habit and have a singular voice they will not or cannot change. We don’t like change any more than any one else. If we are comfortable with a word we use it like sprinkles on ice cream. What I discovered from Mr. Blatt is using a word often is not always bad. Famous authors all have a “tell”.

Now as with all things there is an app for that. LOL

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Can You Identify an Author By How Often They Use the Word “The”? By Ben Blatt

Authors leave a distinctive hidden fingerprint in their stories.

Do you know yours?  

Want to find out?

Thanks to Mr. Blatt you now can!

MoWa Literary Fingerprint – Author Identifier By Ben Blatt

Can’t wait to play with this!

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