Heart wrenching YA 4.5 Star Read

Note to self:

Once again, remember when 2790 readers rate a book 4.5 stars, it’s gonna be worth my time.

Why I’m ever skeptical is beyond me.

Who doesn’t love Cinderella?

Rebecca Donovan writes a unique, sick, and twisted Cinderella story in Reason to Breathe. What an imagination. She keeps the reader on edge waiting for a happy ending. As I was sucked into the unbelievable cruelty of the life of Emma and I gladly overlooked any editing issues as I rooted for her survival. Just when I thought things could not get worse, they did and the pace quickened giving my nerves no time to relax.

I guess it’s true, a good story trumps all. I can see why young adults love Rebecca Donovan.

Why, you might ask if I liked it so much, did I give the book only 4.5 stars?

Because of the ending.

The ending left me wanting.

I understand this is book one of a three book series and cliffhangers are essential for a series, however I still prefer a more satisfying ending.

The ending left me distraught, and confused, so much so that I immediately downloaded the second book. A success for Ms. Donovan.

For me the Prologue of book two, Barely Breathing, would’ve been a perfect Epilogue for book one. I could’ve slept well that evening and savored the first book before launching into the next one.

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