How to add a friends quirks to your character

We all have them, those irritating, funny, or lovable people who make our lives complete.

Without an aggravating co-worker, who would we bitch about? 

What would our BBQ be without the life of the party friend?

Pink Panther - Life of the party

Or how about that loving friend who embraces all of our warts, and keeps us sane? Gotta have a best friend character, right?  Happy smiley emoji

Roz Morris refers to these everyday characters as “plot zombies.” No, not the flesh-eating kind. But people who add spice and zing to the story. Adding ‘equilibrium of irritation’ to the plot might be just what you’re searching for.

She uses an old sitcom Sienfield to show examples in the extreme. Although, I beg to differ. Because I’ve met a few of these extreme characters in real life. Which goes right to her point.

Roz explains, that time moves on and we deal with the quirks of people in our world because that’s life.  “Art imitates life.” Oscar Wilde. But I contend, life also imitates art, especially in fiction.

I love her example and it really got me to thinking how I need to add a little ‘equilibrium of irritation’ to my WIP. So, now which of my characters needs spice? Hmm…

Watch and see what Roz is talking about…

Did anyone look familiar? Maybe, an aunt, nutty uncle or coworker?

Do you think there is room in your story for a little ‘equilibrium of irritation’?

Have you applied a real person quirks to a character?

Or maybe you have a favorite sit-com that inspires you. Do tell.

Click and read all about…

Fictional characters – a lesson from Seinfeld from Roz Morris at Nail Your Novel

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