Do you know how to drop an Emoji in comments?

Love or hate them, Emoji are here to stay.

Laugh out loud emoji with Jean M Cogdell

Me, I love them and think they are lots of fun. But, I don’t always remember the right combination to get the correct Emoji.

Yay! Here is a cheat sheet for you and me to drop an Emoji in WordPress.

Writing with Emoji.

Smiley Face

I know there is a plugin for But I use, so if anyone out there has an easier way let me know.

Do you use Emoji?

Do you think you might start adding them now?

Leave me a comment and let’s talk. ❤

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10 thoughts on “Do you know how to drop an Emoji in comments?

  1. They look cute but I’m not a huge fan. I believe we’ve almost stopped communicating. In stead, we tweet, text, and now even, assigned our emotions out to emojis. Seems like we come full circle – communicating in hieroglyphics. Just my two sense.

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  2. I used to think I’d never use them, but then I realized how easily it is for online comments, tweets, etc. to be misinterpreted. Emojis help soften a comment and convey what we really mean. I usually just copy and paste them from an emoji website. Easier than trying to remember the symbols.

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