Do you know the right Hashtag to use when you tweet?

Authors and writers can find Twitter a great information source.

All it takes is using, and searching for the right #Hashtag.

There are lots of lists and lots of Hashtags to choose from, too bad I lost the cheat sheet I’d used for years.

Thank goodness for WENDY VAN CAMP! And her terrific list. I’m going to print out the dang thing in triplicate and tape one above my desk, one on my desk, and one in my file.

  • Want to connect with other authors for help? There’s a Hashtag for that.
  • Want to connect with writers of various genres? There’s a Hashtag for that.
  • Want to connect with readers? There’s a Hashtag for that. 

WENDY VAN CAMP gives us a list for all of them!

Author #Hashtags for Twitter by WENDY VAN CAMP at No Wasted Ink

From her list, I discovered a new #Hashtag, #WritersTellMe. Can’t wait to see what I find with this one.

Keep watching and learn more about what Twitter can do for you as an author.

Your turn.

Did you see a new Hashtag? One you hadn’t thought of?

What Hashtag do you use the most often?

Do you have a Hashtag to add to the list that might be useful to us?

Did you learn something new about using Hashtags and Twitter for writers?

Talk to me, I love reading your comments.

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7 thoughts on “Do you know the right Hashtag to use when you tweet?

  1. I use four hashtags in the title of my posts: #writingcraft, #thepersonalside, #weekendcoffeeshare, and #amwriting. Of course, not all at once. I do weekly posts and most months have four weeks. 😉

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        1. I’m still floundering a bit on Twitter. One day I’ll be up to speed on all the cool hashtags. But I do very little on technology during weekends, so if something indicates it’s a weekend sort of thing, I skip. LOL

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  2. There’s also #MondayBlogs for all things about writing (Just no book reviews)
    #TuesdayBookBlog for all book related blog posts, especially book reviews.
    #wwwblogs (Women writers Wednesday)

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