When I know better I do better

When I know how to write better, I do!

But don’t we all! The following article really hit home with me.

A while back inspiration hit and I wrote a kick-ass flash fiction story. I was on fire. Thrilled, I searched for a place to send it, filled out the forms and hit submit.


Proud as a peacock, I strutted into the next room and announced to my husband, I’m back.

The rest of the week I returned to my WIP and this blog. Until I pulled up the submitted piece and looked at it again.

OMG!!! I could not believe I sent it off with so many mistakes. What the hell possessed me?



#1, on Rachel Burton’s list, is TAKE YOUR TIME.

Let a story rest. Edit, and let it rest. Good advice, most of us know this, but sometimes I forget. Sigh…

Click over and read her post and see what you think.

5 Things I Wish I Had Known Whilst Writing My First Novel #SundayBlogShare @bookish_yogi  by Rachel Burton

Do you wish you’d known any of this before?

Did her tips help?

What do you wish someone had told you before you hit submit?

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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4 thoughts on “When I know better I do better

  1. Two years ago I finished the first draft of my first novel. I knew it needed oodles of revisions. Still, I let it sit for over a year before taking that attempt at a rewrite. To my amazement, and in spite of the errors, I was relatively happy with what I wrote. Rachel’s suggestion to take your time is good advice.

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