Do you have a favorite point of view?

In what POV do you write?

Which do you prefer, 1st, 2nd or 3rd?

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I find that most of the time I gravitate toward 1st, especially when writing children’s books. But sometimes I let the character pick.

Sound crazy? Sometimes I think so. But if I start out in one POV and it doesn’t flow, gets difficult, I change to another. This gives me a different perspective. Let’s me see my characters from a different angle. Often times, my first instinct was right and I go back to the original POV and see what stopped the action. Usually, it wasn’t the POV it was something else that needed fixing.

Doing this exercise helps me see what needs adjusting. Where I went off the rails. I’m not saying one is better than the other because I write in both. To me, the story and the characters determine which POV  I use.

What I like/dislike about 1st and 3rd POV:

  • I like the intimacy of 1st.
    • This can be a two/edged sword.
  • The objectivity of 3rd.
    • Not into the omnipresence/God-like view.
  • Freedom of being all knowing in 3rd.
    • The responsibility of being all knowing.

So I guess that means there is no right or wrong point of view. But how to decide? Me, I let my characters show the way.

Do you think a writer should stick to one POV in all of their stories?

How do you decide which POV to use?

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I love comments, so tell me what you think about POVs. 

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14 thoughts on “Do you have a favorite point of view?

  1. I’m working on a revision because of this problem. I wrote the first draft in first-person. Now, I’m rewriting it in third-person. My third-person version will allow the reader to know the thoughts of any character who has a scene as the main character. I haven’t decided which way is better yet.

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