Do you think blogging hurts or helps your writing?

While we are all enjoying the holidays, here’s a post from the “Best of Jean’s Writing.”

PUBLISHED ON May 30, 2016

For me, the answer is both. Do you see an end to blogging in your future? I started my blog to practice and hone my skills. It had been years since I’d attempted to write anything other than …

Source: Do you think blogging hurts or helps your writing? 

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2 thoughts on “Do you think blogging hurts or helps your writing?

  1. Like you, I think blogging has both help and hindered me as a writer. My long-term tendency is to write non-fiction–you know, articles of interest. However, I wanted to try to write fiction and am trying desperately to do just that. I like the way I write articles, information for sure, but dotted all over the place with opinions. Can a fictional story be written the same way?

    Blogging keeps me at the keyboard typing away. It makes me push my limit so that I’ll get out my WiP to try to proceed with it. Still, can I write it the way I’m comfortable?

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    1. I think so. Isn’t there always a bit of fact/truth in fiction? Some of the best fiction stories started with a fact based real news article. Just ask yourself, “What if?” Then let your imagination take over. Good luck and keep me posted. I’d love to know how it turns out.

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