The More You Write, the More Ideas You’ll Have

Good point, guess I need to write more.

Where to start, ABC… abc girl-160166_640

Y’all read on…

by Millie Ho I used to think that I would run out of ideas if I wrote too much. This fear drained my ability to write at times. But it made sense, right? Your mind can only generate so much …

Source: The More You Write, the More Ideas You’ll Have

Do you get more ideas the more you write?

Or do you find ideas come when you take a break from writing?

Tell me, I’d love to know!

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8 thoughts on “The More You Write, the More Ideas You’ll Have

  1. Ideas come to me AFTER I write. Usually they’re completely unrelated to the current project too. I’ve heard some people get ideas when they write. I feel sorry for them. There they are writing away when a fantastic idea pops into their heads interrupting their train of thought.

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  2. I do tend to have new ideas when I am working on my WIP but I also have them at other times. The secret, for me, is to write them down immediately and then put them aside before they begin to muddy the waters! I don’t think a writer will ever run out of ideas but need some ‘in hand’ – there is no point sitting down to work, hoping at that very moment an idea will come.

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  3. It feels so good when I have that “aha” moment and am inspired to write. It feels so bad when I am afraid it will be my last one. It feels so good when I start writing anyway.

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