It’s exciting to discover that you’re not alone

That’s how I felt after reading other writers also have trouble describing scenes.

purple balloon-303733_640Read many of my posts? Then you know I struggle with descriptions. My writing will either be as stark and sterile as a surgical suite or purple as a five-year-old little girls birthday party. Purple prose everywhere! purple balloon-303733_640purple balloon-303733_640

My critique partner and sister is great at writing beautiful descriptions that put you right in the middle of a scene. (check out Sheila at Cow Pasture Chronicles.) But if I try to write like her, I sound like Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver. Just too much.

Believe me, I’ve studied every self-help book on the market. And some have helped. My favorites are the ones by  Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. Like:

The Rural Setting ThesaurusThe Urban Setting Thesaurus, and The Emotion Thesaurus, plus there are several more. Be sure and check them out for really good tips on descriptions. Links at the bottom of this post

Now back to the post that gave me hope! Click and Read!!!

by Phoebe Quinn

The world is pretty visual, but I’m not. Despite my insistence that, if I had to choose, I’d rather lose my hearing than my sight, I’ve never been able to work in a visual wa…

Source: 7 Ways to Write Visually (Without Describing Everything)

I do hope you hopped over and read Phoebe’s post and realized that we don’t have to describe every grain of sand or blade of grass to engage our readers. That often less is more!

Let me know what you think.

Do you have trouble striking a balance with describing a scene or emotion?

Are you a very visual person?

Do you have a trick that helps writer like myself? Do share!

The Rural Setting Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Personal and Natural Places by [Ackerman, Angela, Puglisi, Becca]    The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression by [Ackerman, Angela, Puglisi, Becca]   Product DetailsEmotion Amplifiers by [Ackerman, Angela, Puglisi, Becca]

Click on image to read FREE book preview!


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