How to select the best ebook conversion tool

Too many choices!

But fortunately, there is one that will work for you.

And thanks to 

So if you’re ready to convert and upload that best-selling book, keep reading.

Amazon KDP

KDP accepts ePub, Word doc/docx, HTML, mobi formats. Output mobi, and HTML.  In my book Tryouts for Ben, I uploaded a Word docx and had little trouble. I agree with David; it’s easy and almost fool-proof.  Don’t waste your time using fancy fonts, or formatting, because KDP will not recognize most of them. However, if you are confident with HTML, and CSS format, you can edit the converted file in HTML.

Barnes and Noble Nookbook

I’ve not converted any of my books to Nookbook. But David assures us it’s fairly straightforward. But doesn’t allow for HTML editing.


Again, I’ve not yet used KOBO. It appears to be less than user-friendly and not sure I’ll bother with it. David didn’t appear to be impressed.


D2D accepts ePub, Word doc/docx, RTF files, and the output is ePub, mobi, or PDF. I did consider D2D but wasn’t happy with their conversion tool.


Smashwords accepts files in ePub, Word doc (not docx.) Note: this means you must save your manuscript in the older version of Word.  Out put is impressive: ePub, mobi, PDF, PDB, lit, TXT, and many more. Again, this is one I considered but decided it wasn’t for me.

So which tool did I use?

computer-frogs 2

Check back tomorrow.

But in the meantime, head over and read David’s entire article.

The Convertible Cloud: Ebook Conversion Online

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7 thoughts on “How to select the best ebook conversion tool

  1. I normally just use Word to upload to KDP and D2D. The only problem I had with D2D is all cap fonts and wrapping images for the end of book other books. The text doesn’t wrap around the image. So I generally do a separate file and not try to wrap images although I prefer it.

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