How to make your pictures clickable

Everyone loves pictures.

Make your pictures more interesting by making them clickable.

Tricia Pimental, Author, blogger and reader sent me a request. She wanted me to explain a little about linking information and documents to a blog post or page.

I promised to try my best and hope this information is what she needs. Maybe one or two of y’all will benefit from the tips as well.

Why would you want to add a link?

  • Definitions
  • Purchases
  • Sharing other blogs

I hope this little video will help.

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Copy the web address that you want to point your readers to. It could be a 5 Star Review, your page or reference other websites.
  2. Then click on the picture or sentence you want to make clickable.
  3. Next, click on the insert/edit link and paste the web address there.

Your picture, book, icon, or sentence, should now be fully clickable, sending your reader to read more information.

Tricia Pimental, I do hope this is helpful and not too elementary.

Do you think making pictures clickable adds to a website?

Do you use click here links?

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