Do you want to add one more to your tool bag?

One more social media tool?

Are you ready to go live with Blab?

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, I’m serious. It’s called BLAB. Yeah, it’s new to me too.

blab 1

If I understand it, BLAB works a little like an interactive YouTube.

blab 2

But this is a place you can listen, watch and ask questions live. Get that burning question from a writer, or maybe someone with a speciality you need for your book answered. Now there’s an idea.

One thing! If you decide to participate, check your background. Hide the dirty dishes, and turn down the music. Or, and in my case, I will need to put on a little makeup, most days I don’t wear any. When I’m writing my characters don’t care.

Ways a Writer Can Use Blab

  1. Use the search feature and find other authors and learn about writing and publishing.
  2. Follow your favorites and receive notification when they schedule new Blabs.
  3. Network with other authors.
  4. Discover topics on self-publishing, editing, book covers, agents, sales, and marketing.
  5. Find readers interested in your books.

For more information about using BLAB read–

Book Marketing: How, Why and When to Use Blab – and What is Blab, Anyway? by

What do you think?

Is this a new tool you will use?

Or is this another time sucker?

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9 thoughts on “Do you want to add one more to your tool bag?

  1. Another way to communicate! I’m somewhat overwhelmed as it is – I need to protect my writing time and email, skype, blogging and tweeting are eating around the edges. My thinks for letting me know about this – I like to stay on top of the latest developments!

  2. Another one? Oy! If I’m understanding this correctly, it’s almost like skyping with people via Youtube. Now there’s a new twist. Thanks for the information!

      1. Yes. I’m just a little overwhelmed with all the social media options we can choose from. I don’t know which one is the best one and which one is a time suck. 🙂

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