Do you ever have a love-hate relationship with writing?

Or, am I the only writer in the world that gets a love-hate relationship with a new project?

love hate

Every time I start a new piece, large or small, children’s or adult’s I am madly in love until…

Do you know what I mean?

Do you reach a point where the characters talk back? Give you lip (as Mom used to say)? Don’t want to cooperate?

Damn irritating if you ask me. After all, the work I’ve done plotting out the story, etching out a scene, researching a place and dressing them beautiful clothes, the least the bitches could do is cooperate. Don’t you agree?

Seems after all this work everything should just fall into place. Words, one by one into lines, making lovely sentences building an amazing story that rivals a Lego work of art. Ah, if only writing a best seller was so easy. Instead, of interlocking Lego blocks, the damn thing falls over like something stacked up with uneven cardboard grocery boxes.

Ever happen to you? What do you do when you reach this point? How do you get everyone back on the same page and going in the same direction?

I’ve decided to go read for a while and let them think about the error of their ways. Then I’ll come back and try to whip everyone back into place. Sigh…

A writer’s work is never easy.

As always, I’ve linked articles by writers a lot smarter than I am for your reading pleasure. Look at the bottom.

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10 thoughts on “Do you ever have a love-hate relationship with writing?

  1. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. I left them alone, giving them a “time out”. They still wouldn’t play nice with each other so I tried the “time out” again. Still isn’t working. I’m going back to the beginning and using a new tactic in hopes that everyone will mind their Ps and Qs.

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  2. Oh yes, I can so related to your post. I’m on the last chapter of a book and realize that the title (I even have the book cover designed and ready) just doesn’t fit the story line. It’s part of a series, so it will be fine for the next book, but it was the the characters that made the whole thing go in a completely different direction. They just took over the show – as they do – and I now have to find a new title and book cover. Sigh………………..

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